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Unique Culinary Experiences & Food Tours in Newfoundland

Newfoundland is a place of rugged natural beauty, fascinating folklore, and, of course, unique culinary offerings. From the traditional Jiggs' Dinner to the more unexpected tastes of seal flipper pie and moose stew, Newfoundland cuisine is sure to pique the interest of adventurous foodies.

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But it's not just the ingredients that make Newfoundland cooking special- it's the history and culture behind it all. Visitors and locals alike can learn about the province's fishing and hunting traditions, as well as the resilience and resourcefulness of the people who have called Newfoundland home for generations.

Whether you're seeking an immersive cultural experience or a once-in-a-lifetime culinary adventure, Newfoundland has something to satisfy your appetite. We have selected the following based on it being; worth the drive, including fresh local ingredients and having an interactive or especially immersive element.

Short Culinary Experiences & Food Tours

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Come discover the untold stories of brave War Veterans and their families, who represented a proud chapter in Cormack's history. Gather around the farmers table to sample delicious seasonal local food straight from the land served-up with special craft beer by Crooked Feeder Brewery.

This intimate 4 course dinner experience showcases the farm fresh seasonal veggies and local meats while honouring these Pioneer War Veteran Settlers, Our Heros. Step back into time as we tell you tales of raw courage and enduring love—stories brought alive over every sip, savoury bite and moment!

Finer Things Food Tour - Rocky Harbour, NL

Indulge in the Finer Things Food Tour, a unique food tour showcasing Gros Morne National Park’s top-rated, fine dining restaurants. You will get to sample a decadent 3-course meal made with freshly caught local seafood, handpicked berries and fragrant herbs from the garden. Every course has been carefully paired with complementary fine wines that will elevate your dining experience even further.

Get to know the owners and chefs of the local restaurants, discover unique cultural insights about the area, and experience exclusive VIP access to evening entertainment. For a truly unique evening out, we provide all you need: delicious local fare, first class service and entertaining local guides!

Eat Farm to Fork at the Grounds Cafe - Portugal Cove-St. Philips, NL

Escape to The Grounds Cafe in Portugal Cove-St. Philips, Newfoundland for a cozy and inviting atmosphere surrounded by Murray's Garden Centre! Their farm-to-fork cafe sources ingredients that are either grown on-site in the garden centre or locally sourced from nearby farms.

Try a Chaga Chai Latte, anything with fresh pesto or wild mushrooms, or their baked goods with wild Newfoundland berries. Tour the garden centre to see herbs, greens and other veggies in production or participate in their seasonal events like Pie

Making Workshops or Summer Forage Tours.

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Tea Tasting at The Newfoundland Tea Co. - Gander, NL

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The Newfoundland Tea Company is an upmarket restaurant and shop that is open in the evenings for dinner service. The owner is dedicated and committed to bringing freshly prepared foods and locally handcrafted products to her clients. She sources 100% ethically and organic tea to prepare the unique blends offered by the Newfoundland Tea Company.

There are some awesome variety and incredible flavours of tea posted on their online shop.

Taste of Seafood Boil Up Experience with the Saltbox - Benoit’s Cove, NL

Head over to the most remote corners of Newfoundland and embark on an unforgettable foodie experience. Get your friends together around a bonfire for a seafood feast, otherwise known as 'boil-up'. This traditional island practice involves gathering around with refreshments while venturing out hunting, fishing or searching for wild foods.

Experience a unique culinary journey with us, as we combine traditional elements of a beach fire and tea alongside an array of seafood delicacies. Our taste of seafood boil-up is the ultimate way to savour all that our province has to offer - from cold water mussels, fresh Atlantic cod, toutons and molasses; corn potato & local sausage; tea buns, beverages & desserts topped off with preserves! And if you'd like something extra special? You can add some tantalizing Newfoundland lobster fresh from our neighbourhood fish market. Get ready for a flavourful feast for your senses.

Our local guide will make sure that the campfire is roaring and stories are being shared while you enjoy your time in Newfoundland. Known for its rich music, tales, and oral traditions, it's a wonderful place to listen to folktales with friends as well as join in on laughter or sing along some melodies!

Four Seasons Tours - Cox's Cove, NL

Talk about AUTHENTIC! Join Darren in an adventure of a lifetime. Four Season Tours specializes in traditional Newfoundland Dory Experiences. From Eagle photography tours, to scenic sunrises and sunsets in the double arm Fjord along the coastline you will want to be sure to bring along your camera. When it comes to sea to plate nothing beats catching your own Cod, Perch or Mackerel for a tasty cook up at the end of the day.

Darren offers prepared itineraries to simplify booking but he also offers completely customizable experiences as well. Be sure to book early for the best date and time to plan your vacation around a Traditional Newfoundland boat tour.

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From late July to October, a plethora of sweet and delicious edible berries and plants can be found on the island. During these months, learn about the historical and contemporary uses of this plentiful local harvest while searching for marshberries, crowberries, or bakeapples, keeping an eye out for caribou herds or skittish partridges as you pick.

As autumn temperatures start descending, it's time to enjoy a traditional boil-up; with salt fish cooked over an open fire followed by berry tarts complemented with a cup of hearty tea—surely one of life’s simplest yet most satisfying feasts.

After gathering your berries, unlock the delicious secrets of making jams and jellies with an experienced Community Host. For 1.5 hours, join a small group to learn the traditional methods for making jams and jellies - all within your host's home no matter what season you visit. Unlock the flavors of any season with this intimate experience.

There’s no better way to learn about the history and culture of a community than to eat its food. On this Newfoundland Food Tour, participants will eat their way through downtown St. John’s.

Newfoundland and Labrador has one of the most unique food cultures in Canada. Long known for seafood, wild game, and delicious traditional meals, the province has a long list of mouth-watering ingredients and recipes. From a CFA finding success selling beloved Newfoundland pastry to a haunted pub that inspired a TV set to a former fruit stand literally built on the ashes of the Great Fire.

Explore the people, stories, and food that make the city unique.

Smoked Salmon Workshops - Springdale, NL

Join Shawn and explore his time-honored technique for crafting the most delicious smoked salmon in town! He will demonstrate, step by step, the process of preparing and smoking locally caught fish. After you observe this remarkable artistry and savor a sample of its delectable final product, you too can become an expert at transforming fresh catches into decadent delicacies.

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You have journeyed so far, now it's time to relax by the seaside. Allow Crystal to take you on an unforgettable excursion - From Sea to Plate. This tour features wild, sustainable seafood of unparalleled quality. Every dish is thoughtfully prepared and presented with seasonality and authenticity in mind - cooked using sea water over a fire for that added traditional touch. Each course brings pieces from our past into the present while embracing our culinary future like none other!

Come to the seashore and be ready for a spectacular culinary experience! With edibles, seafood, and 4-5 courses all hand-harvested from nature's bounty, you will enjoy salty air by the sea as you look for beach treasures like sea glass. Feel free to whale watch too! Once done with your 3 hour tour of this delightful place near the watery depths of our oceanside paradise, gather around a warm fire until it is time to go home. Open year round regardless of season or weather conditions: come have an adventure at Stay A Spell Seaside Experiences!

Longer Culinary Experiences

Unlock the cultural secrets of Newfoundland and Labrador through all your senses with a Cultural Food Residency. Drawing on generations of resourcefulness, explore traditional recipes and time-honoured methods as you gather ingredients, cook delicious dishes and share stories. The unique flavors here are sure to tantalize – so come experience where necessity meets ingenuity!

We have carefully gathered together a team of individuals devoted to this lifestyle; people who are connected to the land and its offerings, those that embrace traditions while keeping them relevant in today's times, those that sustainably collect resources for future generations.

This Residency Program is 3-6 days and is designed especially for you - so come explore and celebrate everything about food, craftsmanship and skills from this region. Better thank cooking school!

Our 3-Day FarmStay for Foodies provides you with the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with Newfoundland's farmed and foraged foods. With this package, you'll have a two night stay in our magnificent Sunset Suite along with the chance to take part in three unique culinary experiences: The Farm to Table Story Experience, The Farm & Forage Experience, and Indigenous Medicine Wheel and Fire Circle Experience.

Through experiential tourism, you will be able to explore our stunning farm, wander through Newfoundland's picturesque forests, and savor the delicious cuisine of our ancestors. As you depart from your journey with us, we guarantee that your senses will feel revived and refreshed – not to mention an unrivaled taste for wild food on your lips!

From sea-side boil ups in the bay of Islands to berry picking and jam making in Fogo, Newfoundland is a culinary haven. Experiences such as these show us how food can be used to bring people together while highlighting the unique culture of this beautiful province.

With these experiences you get to see first hand the unique culinary side that Newfoundland has to offer, often with an experienced local guide by your side. Whether you're here visiting or looking for a new way to experience local foods, there are plenty of opportunities here for anyone looking for an unforgettable taste of place experience.


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