Farm To Table 
Dining Experience 

Do you want to learn about the unique history of the pioneers who first settled this land?

Our Farm to Table restaurant Experience shares the memoire of a War Veteran and his War Bride who once owned the land we now farm. The memoire is told over a Farm Fresh multi-course  (4 Course) meal served right on the Farm, paired with a flight of Cormack's Craft Beer from the Crooked Feeder Brewery.


It is an immersive and intimate true story of our land, our people and the hardships that  War Veterans and their families faced when they first settled here.

For every Dinner served we donate $10 to the Cormack Heritage Museum Project. 

Interested in the history? Click Here! 

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In this Farm to Table Experience you will;

  • Take part in a 4 course dinning experience paired with a flight from Crooked Feeder Brewery and a unique storytelling of the War Veterans Pioneers

  • Enjoy fresh, local, and seasonal food that is sourced directly from the community of Cormack

  • Get back to basics and appreciate the simplicity of good, honest food

  • Learn about Cormack's unique history and support the Cormack Community Heritage Project!