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Meet Your FarmStay B&B Hosts         
Mark & Lauralee

Local Farmers in Newfoundland

Hi! We're Mark and Lauralee Ledrew.

We are a couple from Western Newfoundland who started a homesteading journey working towards food security and self-sufficient initiatives in 2015. We absolutely love our lifestyle and are happy to open our doors to offer visitors agricultural and cultural tours and farm to table experiences. 

We always had a passion for exploring our home province, camping and backpacking whenever we had an opportunity to escape work. We are very knowledgeable about our area including Gros Morne National Park, Blow Me Down Provincial Park and the Humber Valley. We know our province well and can recommend places to see nearby and other regions that are a must-visit while in Newfoundland.  

While travelling abroad in New Zealand we lived with a family and experienced a zero-waste management project, permaculture, organic herbal greenhouse operations and more. This experience has ultimately impacted our homestead development and future plans. We are proud of that experience and would love the opportunity to travel worldwide to learn and see more permaculture in action. 

Cormack's unique history of veterans who pioneered this rugged place will always be honoured at the Upper Humber Settlement. We are proud of our heritage and have adopted a way of life that has been handed down to us through generations. Join us at The Settlement and experience what our community has to offer. 

Our Homestead

Farming is a part of our family and community history. We always knew that we wanted to start a Homestead and one day go off-grid and be able to sustain our own living by doing it ourselves or buying locally if at all possible. This journey began in 2015.


Our Homestead is a 6 acre plot nestled in the forest of our small farming community. In 2020, we implemented a new way forward following no-dig methods, perma-culture techniques and integrating water harvesting systems. Composting and reusing as many resources as possible is an essential design principle on our property and we invite you to participate while staying with us.

On our homestead we raise pigs, ducks, turkeys, egg laying chickens and an energetic Labrador Retriever, Benelli. We grow, whatever we can and eat all that we can. If you're interested in joining us for meals during your stay please contact us ahead of time to inform us so we are sure to have the proper arrangements made if any, fees apply (Remember breakfast is complimentary at this BNB.) 


We are very passionate about our roots and reviving the traditional way of our pass generations. Our families were part of the original pioneers of Cormack, many who were World War Veterans that were granted land to farm. They were the pioneers that foraged the way forward through harsh conditions in the mid 1900s. They later began part of the logging industry at the base of the Long Range Mountains on the cusp of the Humber Valley. This place was originally known as the Upper Humber Land Settlement, it has since been renamed the Town of Cormack. ​

Permaculture farm Newfoundland
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