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     Farm and Forage 

Do you want to learn about the wild flavours that cover the landscape of our rugged island?


Even during the cold and harsh Winter months there are wild wonders to taste from the rugged landscape. Winter months are spent in the woods cooking on open fires while harvesting next season firewood to keep our families safe and warm. Our snowshoe trail is a short walk through our farm and in the woods, but there is lots of opportunities to share stories of living off the land during the difficult Winter season.  


We offer guided foraging tours where you'll get to taste the fresh bounties from our farm harvest, wild winter foraged seasonings and maybe even some wild game.  


During this experience, we'll tell you stories about the people, places and culture while we wander the backwoods of Cormack.Our knowledgeable guides will teach you about sustainable foraging practices and how to identify edible plants in the wild.


The taste of Cormack will leave you wanting more. You'll also learn what it's like to live off the land and forage for your daily sustenance with sustainability in mind. We want you to feel like you've stepped back in time to a place where people relied on nature for their every need.


We make a choice every day and every year to step back in time, in our grandparents foot steps as we continue to provide for our families the way they should us how to. 

In this Farm & Forage Snowshoe you will;

  • Explore the back boundaries of our Farm and the wilderness of Cormack's rugged landscape 

  • Enjoy fresh flavours from the farm blended with the wild delicate taste of our foraged edibles

  • Get back to basics and appreciate the simplicity of good, honest food

  • Enjoy a taste of our Farm & Forage teas

  • Experience Uncle Ran's Handtied snow shoes, the iconic Bear Paws

  • Like Skipper says "Everything tastes better in da woods!"


Come visit us today and learn what it's like to Winter forage in the backcountry!

This experience requires a minimum of 2 to run

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