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     Farm and Forage 

Do you want to learn about the wild flavours that cover the landscape of our rugged island?


This farm and foraging experience is an opportunity to connect with nature and learn about the wild edibles that surround us. At the Upper Humber Settlement, we believe that foraging for food is a fun and wholesome activity for people of all ages. 


We offer guided foraging tours where you'll get to taste the fresh flavours of all sorts of wildflowers, berries, mushrooms and even some wild game.


Our knowledgeable guides will teach you about sustainable foraging practices and how to identify edible plants in the wild. Whether you're a seasoned forager or a total novice, we guarantee that you'll have a fun and educational experience on our tour. 


During this experience, we'll tell you stories about the people, places and culture while we wander the backwoods of Cormack.


You'll leave with the mouth-watering taste of wild food, and you'll also learn what it's like to live off the land and forage for your daily sustenance. We want you to feel like you've stepped back in time to a place where people relied on nature for their every need.

In this Farm & Forage Experience you will;

  • Explore the back boundaries of our Farm and the wilderness of Cormack's rugged landscape 

  • Enjoy fresh flavours from the farm blended with the wild delicate taste of our foraged edibles

  • Get back to basics and appreciate the simplicity of good, honest food

  • Enjoy a taste of our Farm & Forage teas

  • Like Skipper says "Everything tastes better in da woods!"

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Come visit us today and learn what it's like to forage for your food!

This experience requires a minimum of 2 to run

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