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Patagonia Hemp Workwear - A Farmer's Review

Farming is a huge part of our family and Cormack’s community history. The best thing we like about Patagonia is that they stand by the same farming principles as we do, like permaculture farming. By relying on natural methods, farmers that work with the local ecosystem, Patagonia is able to lessen their dependence on chemical pesticides and fertilizers, protect the environment, and those working in the fields from potentially hazardous toxins.

By cultivating anything organically, we can make use of natural solutions to ward off pests and cultivate healthy soil. Organic practices not only promote diversity in nature but also its well-being, resulting in richer soils that require less water usage.

Hemp is an awesome organic crop, it helps regenerate the soil. Hemp doesn't need synthetic fertilizers and requires less natural fertilizers than other crops. It actually grows so fast it reduces weed growth around it.

When it came time to buy new work clothes, going with Patagonia was a no-brainer as they have a devotion to more natural and sustainable farming techniques. We were really excited to try out their industry-leading heavy duty hemp products. So here's what we think of the Patagonia work clothes we've been testing out.

Constructed from Iron Forge Hemp canvas, these double-knee Patagonia work pants are the ideal farmer’s pants. The material is super sturdy and unlike cotton canvas, they came broken in right out of the box. They are comfortable, durable and made for everyday workwear. Deep drop-in back pockets keep tools, note pads and cell phones handy.

These are now Mark's favorite pants to wear around the farm.

Crafted with a soft yet robust blended fabric, the Farrier’s Shirt is designed to meet all of our strenuous work needs while simultaneously delivering unparalleled comfort. A nice touch on this shirt is the metal buttons, durable and classic looking. This is now one of Mark’s best shirts, its durable enough to do farm work in but also nice enough to talk to guests in.

Crafted from a resilient blend of industrial hemp and organic cotton, this pocket tee is the perfect companion for any labour-intensive task. The fair sized chest pocket helps keep small tools or his cellphone from wandering off. Comfortably durable it's become a go-to for getting things done around the homestead. Since it is such a cosy tee-shirt it is great to wear in the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons.

Lauralee adores this insulated patagonia ranch jacket; its Iron Forge Hemp construction makes it perfect for outdoor work, while still looking stylish. It has large functional pockets, and the hands pockets come with a warm fleece liner. She wears it on the farm and is impressed by how well-constructed and durable it has proven to be!

This Patagonia Hemp Sweatshirt combines an iconic Patagonia design with a durable, cosy fabric blend of recycled polyester, industrial hemp and spandex to help you tackle any project in comfort. The best part? There's even a convenient Snap-T pocket on the chest that's big enough to fit a phone and the snap prevents it from falling out every time you lean over.

This sweater is warm, cozy, and fits great!

These Patagonia women’s work pants are great. Constructed from hemp canvas, these double-knee work pants are super durable. Lauralee finds these pants on the tighter side for workwear and would recommend ordering a size up from your regular size. The material is super sturdy making it a great fit for the farm.

Patagonia's workwear is designed to meet the needs of hardworking people, without sacrificing style or comfort. From their Iron Forge Hemp canvas double knee pants and jackets to their hemp sweatshirts and pocket tees, they are crafted using organic materials that provide superior durability while still being gentle on the environment. Their commitment to sustainability and natural farming techniques makes them a great choice for anyone looking for quality clothing with an eco-friendly mindset. Whether you’re working in the field or just want something fashionable yet durable enough for outdoor activities, Patagonia has got you covered!


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