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Newfoundland’s Best Agritourism Experiences

Newfoundland is home to a little known but rich agricultural heritage and boasts a growing agritourism industry. Visitors to the province can explore a wide range of agricultural experiences, from farm-to-table dining to berry picking and farm tours.

The island's climate and landscape provide unique conditions for farming and fishing, making it a great destination for those looking to learn about and experience the local food and culture. Whether you're a foodie or simply curious about where your food comes from, Newfoundland's agritourism experiences offer a delicious and educational adventure.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Agriculture is committed to representing farmers in the province. Their motto is simply "Farmers helping Farmers."

They have a number events for farmer networks and learning opportunities throughout the year, but they also host various events that bring people together to celebrate and share the local food of the island. Join NLFA at a local Agri-Expo or NL Open Farm Days during your Fall Experiences in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Agri Expo - Corner Brook, NL/Grand-Falls & St. John's

The on-site farmers market bring together farms from all round the island and is a great place to meet farmers, ask questions and learn more about Newfoundland farming. There will also be cooking demonstrations using fresh produce, as well as a petting farm and interactive milking cow.

NL Open Farm Day

NLFA explains that "NL Open Farm Day is an opportunity for farmers to share their passion and celebrate agriculture! This annual initiative is to raise awareness of the industry, educate the public and connect to the people in your community. It's all about opening our doors so people can see what really happens on a farm and where their food comes from". So join Newfoundland farmers and food producers as we celebrate and share our passions during the month of September. Take in Farm Tours, Petting Zoos, Hay Rides, BBQs, and more.

Gros Morne Farm & Market - Norris Point, NL

Gros Morne Farm & Market is a small-scale market farm dedicated to growing quality produce in the heart of Gros Morne. Their website features healthy recipes using local produce and more. Visit their farm during peak harvest season in the Fall when their farm stand is open to explore their gardens, shop their freshest produce right in the onsite market stand and see their spooky garden spectacle!

Not to mention one of the best Market Views in all Newfoundland!

Gros Morne Farm & Market also supplies fresh green, root vegetables, zucchinis and greenhouse vegetables to many of the Culinary Restaurants in the National Park as well. Taste their farm all throughout Gros Morne National Park.

Cormack Bee Co. - Cormack, NL

Cormack Bee Company provides seasonal pollination services to farms in Western Newfoundland and the Cormack area and they also educate and train aspiring beekeepers who are not yet commercial. This honey-based business offers a variety of products and tours for those curious about bees and how honey is made.

We recommend:

  • The Newbee Experience is a guided tour that lasts approximately 60 minutes where you will learn about honeybees, including their anatomy, behaviors, and how they make honey. The tour takes place on a raspberry farm, where you can watch bees gathering nectar and pollen from the flowers. Visitors will also have the chance to view an observation hive, where they can see the bees up close behind glass and watch them in action. If a visitor spots the queen, they will receive a sweet treat from the beekeeper. The tour concludes with a refreshing beverage in the Craft Shop, where visitors can sample and purchase local honey and other items from local makers. There will also be plenty of time for questions and answers.

  • The Fully Interactive Beekeeper Experience is a 90-minute tour starting at 1:30 PM and is not recommended for children under 5. The tour provides a basic understanding of honeybee colonies and how honey is made, similar to the NewBee Experience. However, this tour also includes the unique opportunity to wear a protective bee suit and work with the bees to learn about honeybee management and production.

Both the Newbee Experience and the Fully Interactive Beekeeper Experience offer visitors a unique opportunity to learn about honeybees and honey production while experiencing the beauty of a raspberry farm. With knowledgeable guides and hands-on experiences, visitors can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for these important pollinators and the sweet, delicious honey they produce. Plus, visitors can sample and purchase local honey and other items from local makers in the Craft Shop, making it a great way to support the local community.

Upper Humber Settlement offers a variety of agritourism offering from guided 30 min Permaculture Farm Tours to 3 day Farmstay for Foodies experiences. The owners are passionate permaculture farmers and their tours teach, share and tell stories of how chemical free growing is possible in Newfoundland.

Visitors can see different types of permaculture gardens such as forest gardens and edible landscapes. They can also learn about sustainable practices such as composting, rainwater harvesting, and intercropping. In addition, visitors can see how plants and vegetables are nourished through the closed loop cycle of composting, animal waste and natural pest management techniques.

We recommend you explore;

Robbins Family Farm - Deer Lake, NL

Robbins Family Farm near Deer Lake offers day camps for kids and scheduled visiting hours in their petting farm. During the farm visits, visitors can walk through the animal pastures, interact with the farm's animals, and learn about animal husbandry practices. In addition, the farm has a store where visitors can buy fresh meat, eggs, vegetables, as well as handmade soap and wool products.

The farm also contributes significantly to Newfoundland's Agriculture in the Classroom initiatives in the local school community. It is a local favorite for all families in the area and Robbins is proud to support other local producers. Overall, Robbins Family Farm provides a great opportunity for visitors to learn about local farming practices and support local agriculture.

Wright's Family Farm- Pasadena, NL

Wright's Family is a busy farm with a beautiful on Farm Market stand opened for most of the Summer. They offer seasonal U-picks from Strawberries to Raspberries and even Blueberries.

During the Fall, Wright's Family Farm is well visited in the area as people head out for the annual Pumpkin Festivities. With loads of pumpkins to choose from, farm tractor rides, Corn stocks and Sunflower fields. Wright's is a great stop to shop and explore farming in Western NL.

Campbellton Farm - Campbellton, NL

This farm is a Farm Market, a U-Pick berry farm, and offers a Petting Farm experience. All of the products in the Farm Market are locally sourced from producers across the island, including berries (fresh and frozen), eggs, jams/jellies, local meat, cheese, honey, salt, and more.

During mid-July to late August, visitors can participate in U-Pick for strawberries, raspberries, haskap, and black currants. In addition, there is a Petting Farm on-site with various animals, such as chickens, ducks, peafowl, pigs, cows, goats, and bunnies, for visitors to interact with.

This active bee farm is a great place to immerse yourself into the life of a bee. Take the Honey Bee Hike to explore the local wilderness trails wearing protective bee suits provided by the tour, and immerse themselves in the stunning beauty of songbirds, pollinators, wildflowers, and Newfoundland's boreal forest.

A unique eco-agri-tourism experience, this tour has won awards for its innovative approach. Visitors can expect an exciting and educational adventure, with a range of activities to enjoy. For example, guests can open up a beehive and taste the delicious honey inside, as well as observe honey bees and native pollinators foraging on wild flowers and returning to their hive with pollen and nectar.

The Honey Bee Hike is a must-visit for anyone interested in sustainable agriculture practices and nature lovers alike.

This blog post would not be complete without mention the Farm & Market Clarenville which is a non-profit, seasonal Market comprising numerous booths that offer fresh, local produce, flowers, prepared foods, and handcrafted items. Farm & Market Clarenville started as a Farm and as grown to become a social enterprise with The Market which also hosts a wide range of family and nutritional programs, live entertainment, special events, community service and more. They also showcase non-profit booths, master gardener consultations, youth activities, and food demos. Check out the events page to learn more.

While visiting explore the:

- Beautiful designed 80ft raised growing beds

- The seasonal Greenhouse

- An operating Elliston-style root cellar

- Enjoy performances and socializing events on the raised platform

- Stretch and play in the children’s play area

- Of course there is off-highway parking

Three Mile Ridge - Lethbridge, NL

Three Mile Ridge is a farm and agricultural tourism destination located in Newfoundland, Canada. They offer a range of tours and activities that allow visitors to experience life on the farm and learn about sustainable farming practices. Their agri-tourism experiences include a farm tour where visitors can see the animals, gardens, and greenhouses and learn about the different crops and livestock raised on the farm. In addition, Three Mile Ridge has a farm shop where visitors can purchase a variety of farm-fresh products such as meat, eggs, produce, and baked goods.

We recommend;

  • Farm to Fork Food Tour Starts in late August and runs till the end of September. This is as authentic as a JIGGS dinner experience can get!

Knotty Pine Farms & Apiary, a.k.a The Bearded Bee Keeper

Port Blandford , NL

Knotty Pine Farms & Apiary is owned by Ian Hussey and Clare Halleran, a couple who started out in Port Blandford with 3 small raised garden beds and a lot of big ideas. Situated on the rocky beach of Clode Sound, Bonavista Bay, Knotty Pine Farms has grown into a property now housing many chickens, goats, pigs and multiple beehives!

Ian is better known these days as the Bearded Beekeeper! He has an amazing passion for beekeeping, woodworking and general homesteading! Once a hobby, beekeeping has become Ian's livelihood and he couldn't be happier. Join Ian at Knotty Pine Farm & Apiary for fresh garden produce in their Honor System Farm Stand or for a tour of their homestead.

Since 1994, Lester's have been selling directly to customers, all of their produce travels less than 4 kilometers before being placed fresh on their shelves. Lester's goal is for customers to not only taste the difference, but also to understand where their food comes from and the process of growing in Newfoundland.

In 1996, Lester's added their first small petting barn so that visitors could enjoy farm animals that we see each day. Over the past 29 years they have expanded not only the vegetables that they grow, but also the length of their season as well as the additional attractions that they have for visitors to explore growing food and experiencing agriculture.

Lester's Farm is a great destination for education: from school tours, to onsite children’s program, Lil’ Lester’s, They even offer adult classes to learn about growing. And of course, there is lots of fun on the farm!

Their animal area is open from May-November, it’s free of charge to visit from May to August and then it becomes part of the Field of Fun. Field of Fun is their main agritourism area that includes a corn maze, wagon rides, barrel train, flower u-picks, giant slides, animal area, bee observatory, self led games and more. They also have a strawberry u-pick during July and August.

When fall time hits, the whole farm turns into a fall and Halloween extravaganza!

From fall props with pumpkins, scarecrows, haybales and more. they host their annual Pumpkinfest which is a fundraiser for local community programs, and of course pumpkins are everywhere! They also have a Farm Haunt, which is a haunted attraction that began in 2018. When late November hits, they begin with Nova Scotia Christmas Trees providing farm fresh trees and freshly made holiday arrangements for locals.

Lester's Farm are big supports in local which means they host an awesome Country Craft Fair in their greenhouses in November. With over 50 local vendors who come and spend the day, and visitors who come and enjoy all of the locally made items. Overall, Lester’s Farm Market has become a hub for Agri-tourism, local crafted items, family fun, and of course fresh grown produce.


Newfoundland's agritourism experiences offer a unique and immersive way to discover the island's agricultural heritage and culinary delights. From farm-to-table dining experiences to berry-picking adventures to spending time with a variety of animals, visitors can explore the beauty and bounty of the island's rural landscapes while learning about the local food and culture. Don't miss out on the opportunity to indulge in some of the best agritourism experiences Newfoundland has to offer.


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