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Best Things to Do in Gros Morne National Park

With its gorgeous Long Range Mountains, flourishing wildlife and breathtaking coastlines dotted with lighthouses, quaint seaside villages, the iconic Tablelands and freshwater fjords, Gros Morne National Park may be the most magnificent national park you've never visited. Nestled in Canada's easternmost province of Newfoundland & Labrador, this hiker’s haven is sure to provide visitors an abundance of things to explore!

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As locals, we’ve been able to deeply explore this big park and have curated the best things to do in the park for you below. Both sides of the park, Woody point or Rocky Harbour is about 1 hour from Upper Humber Settlement. As the park can be busy in summer, you can start our day with a hearty breakfast, drive up and explore for the day, enjoy dinner at one of the local restaurants and return to Cormack easily.

The second highest point in Newfoundland and the park's main attraction, is an 18km loop that takes you from lowland to alpine terrain. Along this difficul and challenging yet beautiful journey, hikers will be surrounded by wildlife! But if you make it all the way up to the summit--open July through late November – you'll have access to one of nature's greatest rewards: spectacular panoramic views across Ten Mile Brook Pond and the Long Range Mountains - as long as there isn't any fog blocking your view.

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Full details on trailforks or grab a copy of Hikes of Newfoundland. This is a great full day hike and we can even pack lunch for you!

Hike the Tablelands

The Tablelands dominate the southwest corner of the park. This big flat-topped massif was once a part of the earth’s mantle before the forces of plate tectonics pushed it up onto the crust. There are two

hikes, an easy 8km out and back trail and a hard 12km offtrail loop. A guided walk is also available by Parks Canada to help you gain a deeper understanding of this special place. Stroll across part of the Earth’s mantle while getting a better understanding of the very unique geology in the park.

Hikes of Newfoundland will help you determine the trail that’s best for you and ask us about our hikers lunch.

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Hike the Green Gardens Trail

This captivating 11km trail takes you on a journey through diverse terrain, from the meandering barrens of Tablelands to an elevated ridge offering breathtaking ocean vistas. Then make your way down into the lush boreal forest until you reach a photogenic volcanic coastline adorned with sea stacks and spectacular rock formations. Return via the same trail.

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If you would like additional time to explore this scenic route, take advantage of the primitive campsite and spend the night under starry skies!

Kayak in a Fjord

Gros Morne Adventures will help you make your way through the double-armed fjord of Bonne Bay with Paddle Canada certified guides. Be introduced to sea kayaking for a immersive ocean experience. Stable sea kayaks provide you with the perfect opportunity to explore the coastlines and coastal villages. Keep an eye out for seals, whales and seabirds while taking a short break on one of the many remote beaches. Daily kayak tours are

available during summer operating hours.

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Swim or Picnic at Shallow Bay Beach

Creating a brilliant beach day is effortless with 5km of soft, light-colored sand. Protected from the waves by low rocky islands and warm water perfect for swimming, building a sandcastles, flying kites or exploring the seaside. Day-use area provides parking facilities as well as washrooms and picnic tables if needed. The coastline also draws in shorebirds during fall migration when hundreds can be seen gathered on the upper beach at high tide - an excellent sight!

We can send you up with a charcuterie board and fresh veggies to enjoy at the beach. Add this to your room at checkout.

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Wander through the Discovery Center

Explore why Gros Morne National is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Experience interactive exhibits, live programming and knowledgeable staff that can help you plan your entire trip. Immerse yourself in the captivating displays of geology and indigenous culture that this museum has to offer. Often decorated with local art, the Discovery Centre is a fun place to revisit seasonally. From here, you can also embark on the Lookout Trail located in the parking lot.

Unearth the remarkable underwater life that calls Bonne Bay Fjord home. With a guided tour of Bonne Bay Marine Station's saltwater aquarium and touch tank, your family can learn about the ocean in an interactive way! Let the interpreters guide you on a journey of discovering the ocean’s most minute creatures, and then unravel deeper secrets with an up-close encounter with larger sea life. Learn why Bonne Bay is a unique environment and how sub-artic species thrive well below their normal latitudinal ranges.

Experience the Gros Morne Fjord Tour

Experience all the wonders of Western Brook Pond like never before by taking a boat tour. On board, marvel at the natural beauty of glacier-carved land-locked fjords, huge waterfalls cascading from 2000 feet and transforming into mist over the pond's serene surface, billion-year ancient cliffs, as well as an array of wildlife sightings!

You can opt to join a regularly scheduled scenic boat tour or participate in the challenging day hike.

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Visit Dr. Henry N Payne Museum - Cow Head

One of favorite Museums to visit in the Gros Morne Region is in the heart of the community of Cow Head/ They have such an intriguing collections of artifacts that tell stories and adventures about the people and especially the women. Just ask about the axe used the double axe murder or 1809. There shop if full of unique handmade items, but the tour guides are

what make this destination an experience of it's own.

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Take a Side by Side Tour

Under the Stump provides experiential, storytelling, and culture tours based in Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland. Their main offerings are tours that teach people about local traditions, Indigenous culture, and heritage. They are great option for small groups or individuals with accessibility and/or mobility issues.

Check them out to learn more about their offerings.

Come experience the Gros Morne Theatre Festival, a professional theatre event featuring top-notch performances. Enjoy fan favorite "Ethie" (dinner theatre) by Shane Ellis Coates and Neddy Norris Night for traditional music & stories, as well as exciting new productions! Don't miss out on this season of theatrical delights in the brand new Nurse Myra Bennett Centre for the Arts in Cow Head.

The Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse marks the northern side of the entrance to Boone Bay. Outside a pathway meanders through an enchanting tuckamore forest and picturesque coastal surroundings. It's one of the most brilliant spots for taking in sunsets. Inside, see how the lives of the people who lived in the light house and relied on the sea, evolved over time. Interactive displays showcase this fascinating history for all visitors to explore.

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Ultimately, a visit to the beautiful Gros Morne National Park should be on everyone’s bucket list. The sights, sounds, and experiences here are absolutely unforgettable. From relaxing on Shallow Bay beach to exploring Lobster Cove Lighthouse, visitors can enjoy sites at a leisurely pace. While those who prefer a more adventurous experience like kayaking in a fjord or summiting Gros Morne Mountain.

Moreover, don’t forget about the annual Gros Morne Theater Festival where you watch the provinces most talented performers perform local stories and feel the culture first hand.The unique landscapes, friendly locals and plentiful outdoor activities will leave you feeling enriched by your visit long after you have returned home.


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