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5 Reasons our FarmStay B&B is Right for your Newfoundland Vacation

Looking to stay in Western Newfoundland. Check out our FarmStay B&B which offers a unique experience to add to your Newfoundland itinerary. Our cozy home is situated on our small sustainable farm, in the historic farming community of Cormack. Cormack is in the heart of Western Newfoundland and an ideal location for visitors traveling to and from the Deer Lake Airport, visiting both the North or South end of Gros Morne National Park or visitors exploring the Humber Valley Region.

Most people aren't quite sure what to think of a bed and breakfast or feel that a B&B has less services and amenities than a hotel. However, we can assure you that as the owners of our FarmStay B&B that the experience and relationships that you build when you stay with us will enhance your visit to our beautiful province. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider staying in our B&B while visiting Newfoundland.

1. B&B means Homemade Breakfast Included

At our FarmStay B&B, it's more than just Continental Breakfast and more than just Homemade or Hot Served. Our Breakfast is as fresh from the Farm as you will find in Newfoundland and Labrador. Our Breakfast features many different and colourful Farm Fresh dishes, such as our Baguettes topped with greens, fresh quail eggs and balsamic glaze and paired with grilled summer zucchini and ricotta cheese with a little peppery nasturtium on the side. Not to mention our Homemade Waffles paired with Country Side Abattoir's fresh Cranberry Apple Breakfast Sausages and topped with local Newfoundland berries and my mother’s dandelion syrup. A simple traditional breakfast with sautéed zucchinis, free range eggs and local sausages pairs well with homemade bread toasted, topped with local butter. Not to mention my mother’s bannock which wins the hearts of all our guests.

Stay at our FarmStay B&B and experience our Farm Fresh Breakfast!

2. Free Amenities

Free Wifi ✔ Free Farm Tour ✔ Free Local Knowledge ✔

Free Local & Freshly Roasted Organic Coffee✔ Free Farm to Table Breakfast✔ Free Local Tips ✔ Including the best eats ✔ The best craft beers ✔ The best local farmers market ✔ The best nearby hiking trails ✔

The best drives ✔

and so much more ✔ 3. B&Bs are a great place to pull off an "all-inclusive" vacation in Newfoundland

Did you know our FarmStay B&B offers more than just Beds and Breakfast? At the Upper Humber Settlement, how you experience our food, place and culture while visiting our province is the most important part of what we do. We started this business dreaming about sharing our hometown stories with people like you. We’ve see so many people, tourists and locals alike, pass through Cormack never taking in the place, the people, the culture or the stories and we wanted to change that. The Farm Fresh Local Foods available is just one of the many things to experience while visiting our destination.

Our story is rich, our culture is alive, our place, breath-taking… and food, well food is our culture and as part of our everyday lifestyle we can not wait to share it with you. Whether you take in our Farm and Forage Hike, our immersive Farm to Table Storytelling Experience, our Living off the Land Experience or just enjoy the quaint and quietness on our farm, you will be immersed in our lifestyle.

If you’re planning an all-inclusive package consider our best experience our 3 Day FarmStay for Foodies Package, a true, tasty Newfoundland Experience.

There is no taste of home quite like this experience.

4. Our B&B Experiences will take you back to simpler times

Our culture and our lifestyle is defined by the generation before us and the hardships and struggles that were felt not that long ago. We are close with our families and on a journey of discovering our indigenous culture and lifestyle as it resurfaces in our homeland. We live off the land, growing food, hunting game, foraging berries, herbs and other flavours from the forest. We partner with people from the sea exchanging veggies for Newfoundland Famous cod, lobster and more.

Join us on our journey to a sustainable tomorrow by living through our heritage and cultural ways. Experience our Farm to Table Storytelling Experience, our Farm & Forage or our Medicine Wheel Indigenous Fire Circle.

5. Our B&B will offer you the care and attention you truly deserve

At our FarmStay B&B you are more than a customer, you are our Guests!

Our hope is every guest will arrive as a stranger and leave as a friend. We hope your experience at our FarmStay B&B will always be a part of your favorite travel memories. We will do whatever we can to accommodate your needs, and customize any experience offering to best suit each individual reservation.

Late check-ins are never a problem, early morning departures understandable. We live next to an airport, we’re use to it.

Need accommodations for a larger crowd. Our home is your home and we can accommodate groups up to 8 and you will have the whole B&B to yourself. We are flexible, accommodating and want you to have the best possible experience while in our hometown of Cormack, Newfoundland.

Even if you decide not to take in our Cultural, Culinary Experiences we are sure that the tranquility and connection you will find in the B&B will enhance your overall visitor experience as you explore our region in Newfoundland. Bed and Breakfasts are always more than just a bed and just a breakfast. We look forward to connecting with you and helping to plan you one of a kind Newfoundland Experience.

Explore our website. Visit our Instagram. Reach out to us today to start planning your First Experience or your Last Adventure on The Viking Trail of Western Newfoundland and Labrador.


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