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The Newfoundland saying "the west coast is the best coast" could not be more true than during the winter months. It's a prime opportunity to get out and explore NL and Cormack is the heart of Western Newfoundland's winter activities. Winter is also the time to get together, create music, and sample some of Nan's baked goods made with delicious foraged berries. 


A true Newfoundland experience happens in the winter, one you cannot get anywhere else in the world!

  • Uncle Ran's Bear Paw


    February - Late March

    Explore how Newfoundland's winter shapes the character of it's people. Adventure on a snowshoe journey with our tour guide and learn how our traditional bear paw snowshoes are made by hand. Although Uncle Ran may tell a few tall and tangled tales, rest assured that his snowshoe craftsmanship and some small fraction of his tales are the truest you will ever see or hear. Warm up with a mug-up next to a cozy wood stove overlooking our home community of Cormack.

    Starting at

    $99 per person

    Includes your choice of Newfoundland beverage, a sample of local Cormack food and snowshoe equipment.

    *Please wear appropriate outdoor clothing.

  • Lard Thundering Gee, Lumber, Toutons and Tea

    February - Late March

    The traditional and sustainable harvesting of firewood and lumber is a deeply rooted cultural and lifestyle experience that Newfoundlanders have always, and to this day, still practice. It is an everyday opportunity to escape into the winter wilderness and find joy in simple pleasures, food and company. 


    Adventure on a snowshoe journey with our tour guide and experience how the people provided for themselves during the harsh winters when snow drifts and storms disconnected them from nearby towns. Our experienced outdoorsman will meet us in the woods where he gathers winter firewood and cuts lumber logs. We will warm up next to a fire and fuel up with a Newfoundland boil-up before snowshoeing our way to a small mill to see how the logs are cut into lumber.

    Starting at

    $125 per person

    Includes your choice of a Newfoundland boil up meal option and snowshoe equipment.

    *Please wear appropriate outdoor clothing.

All prices are determined based on number



of participants and are subject to change

*Covid 19 

All tours/experiences will require a Covid-19 screening to be completed within 24 hours of arrival. 

Tours will have limited participants and allow for social distancing measures and adhere to the provincial guidelines.


Please contact us if you have any concerns and we will follow up with you.


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